Exercise 7
German verb SEIN
das Wetter (the weather)

Choose the correct form of the verb to be from the available words and click on Überprüf die Antwort (check the answer).

For help, please refer to:
Conjugation of the verb SEIN - All Forms

"ist", "Ist", "ist", "War", "war", "war", "sein", "ist", "gewesen", "ist", "gewesen", "sein", "Ist", "war", "Ist", "War", "ist", "gewesen", "ist", "war", "How is the weather?", "Is it cold?", "No, it is warm.", "Was it stormy?", "It was only windy.", "It was sunny.", "Will it be hot?", "It is clear.", "It has been cloudy.", "Today it is nice.", "Has it been fresh for you?", "It will be very hot.", "Is it not a bad weather?", "It was a wonderful weather.", "Is it Summer?", "Had it been frosty?", "But I am (feel) warm.", "Yesterday it was somewhat cooler.", "The temperature is low.", "The temperature was high.", "Wie ___ das Wetter?", "___ es kalt?", "Nein, es ___ warm.", "___ es stürmisch?", "Es ___ nur windig.", "Es ___ sonnig.", "Wird es heiß ___?", "Es ___ klar.", "Es ist bewölkt ___.", "Heute ___ es schön.", "Bist du frisch ___?", "Es wird sehr heiß ___.", "___ es nicht schlechtes Wetter?", "Es ___ wunderschönes Wetter.", "___ es Sommer?", "___ es frostig gewesen?", "Aber mir ___ warm.", "Gestern war es etwas kühler ___.", "Die Temperatur ___ niedrig.", "Die Temperatur ___ hoch.",
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