Game 2 - Word sein (to be) in German language (20 sentences)

In this game you are given a sentence in English. Your task is to build the same sentence in German by clicking the words, including punctuations. When you believe the sentence is ready, click Bereit (ready).
Here: you (singular) = du, you = ihr; You = Sie.

Game 2 - Sein - Present Tense (Präsens)

Game 3 - Sein - Past Tense (Vergangenheitsform)

Game 4 - Sein - Future Tense (Futur I)

Game 5 - Sein - Present Perfect Tense (Perfekt)

What do people say here ...

On Saturday, the 6th of June 2020 Someone said:
wo ist du
On Friday, the 17th of July 2020 Someone asked:
Wo bist du? - Where are you? Wo isst du? - Where do you eat? or Where are you eating?

      And what would you say?: