SEIN : Präsens

In this game you are given a sentence in English. Your task is to build the same sentence in German by clicking the words, including punctuations. When you believe the sentence is ready, click Bereit (ready).
Here: you (singular) = du, you = ihr; You = Sie.

Game 1 - Sein - General

Game 3 - Sein - Past Tense (Vergangenheitsform)

Game 4 - Sein - Future Tense (Futur I)

Game 5 - Sein - Present Perfect Tense (Perfekt)

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On Saturday, the 27th of February 2021 koneshi said:
the answers are one step behind.
On Saturday, the 27th of February 2021 German Exercises said:
Hi, koneshi. Doesn't seem to be any errors here. Everything looks all right. If your answer is wrong, than after clicking (tapping) on "bereit" you will see the screen with "Falsh!" and also hear the correct answer. Please, check again, and report. Here is a short video from this game: Thank you.

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